These definitions are used throughout our Terms & Conditions

When you see a word in bold, it will have the same meaning each time you come across it in our Terms & Conditions.




An account is the record against which we store all of your information, data, preferences and content. All of that data belongs to you.

doslab, we, us, or our

When we say this, we're talking about the doslab Ltd. limited company that you contract with and to which you pay your fees.

Guest Users

Users you allow to access your account with specific limited permissions.


This means all of the services you buy from us, including those we currently provide and any we start to provide in future. This also includes all of our mobile applications, web applications and service products.


When you create a subscription to use the services, you are deemed to accept these terms and you are a subscriber. If you are a subscriber, you are responsible for paying for your subscription.


Users are people other than the subscriber that you allow to access your account.

You or Your

This means both you (the user) and you (the entity, firm or organisation that holds the account with us that you are authorised to represent).

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