Your Data

1. Ownership of your data

You own all your data. When you enter, upload or link our systems to third party systems to enable us to aggregate and use it, you grant us an irrevocable licence to use, copy, transmit, store, analyse and back up all of the data you submit to us, including your personal data and others'.

We require this licence in order to enable you to use our services; to allow us to improve, develop and protect our services; to develop new and innovative services; to communicate with you about your subscription; and to send you information we think may be of use to you based on your marketing preferences.

2. Our Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy can be found here.

3. Anonymised Data

When you use our services, we may create anonymised statistical data and anonymised data sets from your data and usage of our services, including through aggregation. Once anonymised, we may use it for our own purposes, such as to provide and improve our services, to develop new services or product offerings; to build, train and refine algorithms and machine learning protocols; to identify business, sector and market trends, and for any other uses we communicate to you.

4. Retention of Your Data

Once a subscription is terminated by you or us, your account is archived and the data submitted or created by you is no longer available to you. We may retain it for a period of time, but we do not guarantee to do so.

You can get in touch with us to have your data removed completely if you wish, though you agree that we may maintain any anonymised data that we have created from it in any event.

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